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5 Ways The Cinema Brewery Experience Has Reinvente… Discover 2022

5 Ways The Cinema Brewery Experience Has Reinvente… Discover 2022

The notion of a “cinema brewery” would have been an alien concept only a few years ago. For decades, movie theaters, though steadily offering more items, were seen as places where you got your standard dose of popcorn, boxed candy, and soft drinks. But as tastes and expectations of the movie-going public began to change and become more refined, the old-school movie house and drive-in theater gave way to the multiplex. Only having the option to watch one movie was no longer an option with which anyone wanted to be stuck.

So, too, came the changes when it came to the types of food and drink being offered at movie theaters. Patrons wanted more options, and as trends & tastes changed, these same patrons decided they wanted access to healthier food choices that tasted good & were restaurant quality. The real kicker came in terms of the competition that was ramping up between multiplexes competing for business. Now, moviegoers had the option to simply go to another theater to get the experience they wanted.

These same trends have certainly made their mark in society, with patrons pushing for more quality ingredients and healthy options at fast-food restaurants. Moreover, the new restaurant patron was seeking new culinary thrills and was willing to pay a little more for better quality & an overall dining experience in which they truly experience a meal. Along with this refined palate change came the want for beer to have more taste, a bolder feel, and an attention to quality ingredients that showcased the brewer’s passion.

In the end, the cinema brewery became an amalgamation of all of these food and drink trends in society and at the all-encompassing movie theater experience. Now, visitors were privy to:

1. Quality handmade meals with service
2. Drink choices based in on-site award-winning beer breweries
3. An ability to watch the best in current movie offerings
4. Stellar visual and sound quality systems in place
5. Opportunities to use the facility for corporate/group events

These five things are the result of cinema breweries not only finding a niche in the entertainment market, but they are a direct result of customer input & feedback. In many ways, the existence, and thriving business of, the cinema brewery may mark a golden age for the paying public unwilling to simply settle for what’s brought to them. Their voices have been heard, and for most, the idea that they have to choose from a limited menu of any kind (i.e., food, drink, movies) while the prices increase doesn’t make sense.

One final element to the impact of the cinema brewery is that it creates a social hub and a way to get people out of their houses once again. Sure, the home movie experience is astounding in its own ways, but nothing beats being able to watch a great movie while enjoying fine dining & craft beer with friends, family, and others who are as discerning as you when it comes to a quality time.

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5 Ways The Cinema Brewery Experience Has Reinvente…

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