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BOOKLIFE – Strategies and Survival Techniques For the 21st-Century Writer by Jeff VanderMeer

BOOKLIFE – Strategies and Survival Techniques For the 21st-Century Writer by Jeff VanderMeer

May is National Get Caught Reading Month. Will people be discovered reading your book? Are you writing a book? Do you desire to pen one in the future? Today’s publishing industry is radically being reinvented. To experience success as a writer and author requires a new mindset and assertive career management. Internationally known mid-list writer, Jeff VanderMeer captures the profession’s direction in Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st -Century Writer (Tachyon, 2009).

Booklife focuses on two main elements, your Public and Private Booklife. Both are necessary to enjoy a productive writing career says VanderMeer. He encourages readers to question his point of view. “Part of achieving your unique Booklife will be to reject parts of Booklife too.” He also informs readers that Booklife is not a technical manual. Its purpose isn’t to teach the art of blogging or social media participation. Nor is Booklife a writing instructional tool.

Public Booklife illustrates how, as today’s writer, you’re more accountable for your own success, mainly due to the arrival of the Internet. Your Public Booklife engenders several qualities, including Vision, Adaptability, and Risk-Taking. VanderMeer highlights the importance of having one-year and five-year career goals. You need to feel comfortable promoting your own work. He advocates confronting one or two things that make you uncomfortable so you can grow and change. VanderMeer highlights the power of blogging and the importance of personal branding. Having worked on both sides of the editor’s desk, he defines a successful editor/writer relationship.

Private Booklife defines Part II of VanderMeer’s text; and is the foundation of your creativity. It’s composed of several qualities, including Curiosity, Imagination, and Endurance. Rejection from other writers, editors and Reviewers is endemic to the craft. VanderMeer says it’s an important part of improving your writing, toughening you up for a long-term career. Envy too can taint professional progress. “The only true balm can be to tend to our own work, our own business, and be as sound and honest in it as we can be,” he says.

VanderMeer exudes transparency as he details splurging a book advance, including the purchase of 13 pairs of expensive shoes. They haunt him today from the bottom of his closet. He also missed Booklife’s original submission deadline due to over commitment. These stories, and others, demonstrate VanderMeer’s literary challenges; elements all writers experience in variation.

VanderMeer collaborates with other industry leaders to present Booklife’s Appendices. Five agents share their perspective on the agent/writer relationship. Questions answered include, “What do you look for in a client besides talent?” Other topics include Booksellers, and PR Plans.

Although VanderMeer primarily writes Fiction, any writer will benefit from reading his text. He enhances his narrative with inspirational moments, including “You have a greater ability now to control the path of your career and the breadth and depth of your opportunities than ever before in the history of publishing.”

Booklife’s cover depicts three; open-faced, golden yellow books majestically perched atop vibrant green stems. To enjoy a thriving writing career similar to Booklife’s illustration, personalize VanderMeer’s message. Cultivate the seeds of your Private and Public Booklife and watch your literary accomplishments flourish.

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BOOKLIFE – Strategies and Survival Techniques For the 21st-Century Writer by Jeff VanderMeer

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