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Bright New Star in Hollywood – Alexnder Wraith Today 2022

Bright New Star in Hollywood – Alexnder Wraith Discover 2022

In every generation we find plenty of wonderful young talented well known actors; Leo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Sam Worthington etc… but the purpose of this article is to look at some of the new comers, focusing on young actors who have had some interesting parts, but aren’t household names yet. Film reviewers and some of Hollywood’s top casting directors have picked out 20 young actors/actresses, based on their promise so far and looking towards the future, at the films that are in store for these Bright Young talents…

One of the Bright New Stars is versatile and explosive Alexander Wraith. Wraith is always at the top of his game,” says Burnt in describing the actor’s auditions. “he is always prepared, he always has a great attitude, he listens, he takes direction very well, and he incorporates the direction into what he’s doing. I think for any actor, that’s the key. You just have to do the work and be prepared as best as you possibly can. Alexander is a very talented special young man and I expect lots of big things in the future for out of Alexander wraith.”

Alexander first came to the attention of New York theater goers with his moving performance in A Streetcar Named Desire. He initially gained popularity for recreating the role as Stanley Kowalski in the epic play by Tennessee Williams presented Off-Broadway at the Sign Theatre Company. Wraith followed that impressive stunning performance with in the Republic Theater’s production of “Hamlet” and “The Winter’s Tale” at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

Wraith has not gone back to the theater in some time but hopes to return. We asked him which he prefers New York or Los Angles? “Both” He said with a handsome smile. Wraith plans to remain bicoastal and suggests to younger actors that they stay open to all possibilities. “What I learned since coming out of the theater and school is that there’s no template for acting or how an acting career works,to me there are no rules” he says. “The nature of the business is so ever changing and flexible that there’s no one way about it, you must be a chameleon. That can be so very frustrating because there’s less concrete substance to hold on to, but it was useful to me when I finally accepted that. As long as I was staying active and maintaining my ambition and desire. I was able to be okay with where my path was leading me. Doesn’t mean i close my eyes and go, just means i was more ready for anything and that made me feel there were more options available. It didn’t mean I was doing wrong if I wasn’t following a standard set of options. Accepting that there was no single way, it opened me up to more possibilities and made the variety of possibilities all the more satisfying”

Alexander faced the particular challenge of taking on a major role in SAVAGES, a new star-packed studio film, Staring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Blake Lively and Emile Hirsch “You’re stepping into a loaded gun especially with a master Director like Oliver Stone leading the way. You want to put your best work forward, take on any challenge,” he says. “That’s the great thing about Hollywood you go from the streets of New York City straight to the battle field, literally and you better be ready to perform man. From day one in rehearsals when Oliver Stone sat me down and said, ‘This is your role.” To me, that was amazing. He is a legend and I felt very blessed to be able to have that opportunity. Always do your best and give it your all, no matter what. You never know who’s watching you, so give it everything you have”

Alexander was drawn to acting after watching Gregory peck, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacion, Anthony Hopkins, Clint East Wood and he went on. Wraith loves the old school movies ” It ‘s timeless entertainment, the magical energy engulfs you and draws you into the moment,” he says. ” I am very attracted to it and wanted to be part of that energy.” Wraith remembers falling in love with acting. Alexander was always a performer the problem was, he never had an outlet until. “One day i went with a friend to an audition and i was cast as Joe Namath in NBC’s Friday Night Lights. Since that day I have been in love with the big screen. The process is so interesting to me, from the idea that starts in the mind of a creator. Then it spills out on to a blank page filling it with color and texture. These colors and sounds get filtered through the mind of a director who projects it out to the actors and the crew. Finally it reflects back to the audiences, who in a sense see their own image. It’s the real fake, I love it.” Alexander Wraith is on the move and from the looks of it the Sky is the limit.

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Bright New Star in Hollywood – Alexnder Wraith

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