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Epson 3010 – 3D Experience in Your Living Room Stop 2022

Epson 3010 – 3D Experience in Your Living Room Still 2022

Epson 3010 is a projector that is meant to bring the excitement and thrill of 3D viewing in cinemas at home. Its brightness rating is 2,200 lumens which makes it ideal for a living room where ambient light is an issue. Even on the Eco mode which offers the least brightness, this projector still provides bright image which is really impressive.

3D gaming on this home entertainment projector is an enjoyable and thrilling experience. You can play your game more clearly and enjoy the crisp and vivid detail on every image. With its built-in 10w speakers, this projector makes a great home entertainment rather than just a projector. You can expect more to this projector than a good quality, flat panel HDTV.

Ambient light is not an issue with the 3010 projector. Its lumens are enough to produce bright image on an environment where ambient light is an issue for other projectors. In a moderate ambient light environment for a 120-inch screen, this projector is still bright on the full power mode which is the brightest preset. Using the lowest brightness or the Eco Mode, this projector is still bright even on a theater dark setting on a 140-inch diagonal screen.

Epson 3010 features a built-in infrared emitter which is very convenient as you no longer have to worry about aligning and attaching the infrared emitter and you can’t misplace it anymore. This home theater projector also features an RJ-45 port at the back panel where you can plug an external infrared emitter to add more excitement to your 3D viewing. Clear and sharp images are produced by this home theater projector which can be compared to a high quality, flat panel HDTV. You do have to watch out though the way you mount the 3010 projector so you won’t have to go through the keystone correction. Nevertheless, the keystone correction of the 3010 projector is much clearer compared to most projectors but loss of details is still noticeable.

For a very large room, you can also opt to add an external emitter, but the built-in emitter is good enough to keep your 3D glasses in sync over your large space. Image produced has vibrant colors, skin tones are good and noise is very minimal. The auto-iris feature of Epson 3010 works quickly enough so adjustments on the scene to a different brightness level is left unnoticed, making your viewing experience pleasurable and entertaining.

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Epson 3010 – 3D Experience in Your Living Room

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