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It’s Raining Mobiles in Jagdish Market – Hyderabad Mobiles

It’s Raining Mobiles in Jagdish Market – Hyderabad Mobiles

There isn’t a better place in Hyderabad than Jagdish Market at Chirag Ali Lane in Abids to pick up a mobile phone. The market is choc-a-block with stores selling cell phones and everything related to it. What began as a hub for watches and electronics is now the single largest mobile phone market in Asia.

Phones Galore…

Where else in the world will you find stores for spectacle frames and lens having a separate counter for mobile phones? All the stores here sell some type of mobile product or offer some mobile-related service regardless of their actual business. That is Jagdish Market for you. Also known as Abids Shopping Centre, you will find both original and fake products here. The place is filled with second-hand cell phones, “box pieces” (new ones) and Chinese phones too.

Accessories and Repairs…

You can pick up accessories like scratch proof screens, tags and fancy pouches at nominal prices here. The place also has many “unlocking” centres for phones bought outside India and are therefore “locked” to a certain service provider or SIM card. There are a few mobile phone servicing centres where one can get their phones repaired. There is no fixed rate for servicing mobile phones as it depends on the phone’s model and the type of problem. It could be anything ranging from a simple component problem to software hassles.

Sale of Seconds…

You can also sell your old mobile phones here. Most store keepers buy them depending on the phone’s condition. There is a market here for used phones and it is pretty big. Used phones are checked for glitches and undergo servicing before being sold again. Prices depend on brand and condition of the phone.

Our Tips…

  • Visit the market anytime between 10 AM and 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. The market is closed on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Parking is a big hassle especially for cars. So better to go by autorickshaw. Otherwise you will have to park near Little Flower School and walk down. Beware of signs for one ways as they get changed often.
  • Look for “box pieces” (new phones) and get the seal broken in front of you just to be sure of the quality. Ask for a warranty stamp and repair details.
  • For repairs, look for authorised service centres (Sony and Nokia have authorised service centres there). Other places are cheaper but are best avoided unless they are known. Phone cloning, defective parts and overcharging are rampant here so discretion is advised.
  • Ask around at different stores for the best price (it helps) and bargaining is encouraged. Vakil’s offers some good deals and so does Shubham.
  • Do stick to known brands like Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Sagem, Siemens and Motorola. Chinese phones are feature loaded and cheap but have very limited warranty and might not last for more than a year.
  • This is one of the best places to get your mobile loaded with the latest songs, video clips and handy software. Try and get this included in your purchase price.
  • Be careful with your current phone as this is also one of the biggest markets for second hand and stolen phones. Do not be disappointed with low prices you get for your phone in exchange. Trends change too quickly to get more than half the value.

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It’s Raining Mobiles in Jagdish Market – Hyderabad Mobiles

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