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Mobile Agent Secrets – SMS Marketing Strategies En… Discover 2022

Mobile Agent Secrets – SMS Marketing Strategies En… Stop 2022

When you as a business owner send bulk text messages, your subscribers are instantly notified of your advertising promotion. That’s great, but realize there are some pitfalls to be aware of when sending out these text messages. Since SMS (text) advertising is reaching a point of critical mass, I thought it appropriate to raise awareness about some common mistakes that I see business owners making when attempting to implement their SMS Marketing Campaigns…

First of all, with text message marketing, you only have 160 characters to get your message across. That’s just a little better than Twitter, but not much, so you’d better be very clear and concise, when delivering a creative campaign. (By the way, SMS equals “Short Message Service” in case you didn’t know that.) Anyhow, when you are involved in the development of these campaigns, you must ask yourself, “What am I trying to get the person on the other end of the text to do and what is the best way to communicate that message?”

Yes, there’s an excellent chance your SMS will get opened right away (95-97% open rates according to various marketing statistics), but understand too that some folks might not be willing to sign up for a text message subscription list unless they have a darn good reason. A would-be expert SMS marketer and, or business owner best keeps this in mind and develops a compelling call-to-action that delivers results.

Currently SMS Marketing or, group texting if you will, is in the very beginning stages of critical mass, that is to say it’s becoming quite popular with local businesses; even celebrities such as local sports personalities. However, as SMS gains more traction in the marketplace, text message advertising will have less of a “wow factor” on the general public. This will present an even greater challenge of gaining subscribers going forward. But never fear, as long as your offer is truly a “knock-out” and you’re able to render it completely unique and valuable, you will be in a position of strength.

I would advise keeping these basic ideas in mind when creating your next SMS campaign. This way you are better able and better positioned to attract and retain loyal subscribers, not to mention growing your business or fan base. Remember that incorporating these strategies can also give you a definite proactive advantage over your competition and in the closing analysis, having any kind of competitive advantage in the marketplace will translate into increased revenue for your business.

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Mobile Agent Secrets – SMS Marketing Strategies En…

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