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Online Business – You Need A Web Site

Online Business – You Need A Web Site

If you are planning or currently running an online business you
really need to have a website of your own. Why?
Let me explain….

Lets say you join a business and you get your referral link to
promote it. Now you start promoting your new business with plenty
of different methods you might know or learn on the fly. You
spend hundreds of hours promoting your business and spreading your
link all over the net. Now, for any reason, you stop using that
link (you quit, the business went down…). You now join another
business and get a new referral link. What about all the hours
you spend promoting your previous link?
They are all lost!
If someone visits those links and sign up you have just given this
new prospect away; to your previous up line or to someone else;
really doesn’t matter.

So now, what about this situation if you are using your own website?
What you are going to promote now is your own website that includes
your referral link. So now if you spend hundreds of hours promoting
and spread your website all over the net and quit a business to join
another one, your website is still there and your work won’t be lost.
The only thing you have to do is change your referral link or ad on
your website and that’s it; your work is still there to continue
promoting for you.

That’s why I think it is important to have your own website.
Think about it.

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Online Business – You Need A Web Site

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