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Sony BDVIS1000 5.1Ch Blu-ray Disc – DVD Home Theat… Stop 2022

Sony BDVIS1000 5.1Ch Blu-ray Disc – DVD Home Theat… Discover 2022

Have you made the jump yet from your regular old DVD player to Blu-Ray? Have you heard the hype and discussions about this new technology and wondered what it was all about?

Blu-Ray is not only a new technology in the audio/visual world, it is quickly becoming the standard that will be offered on all home theater operating systems in short order. The ultimate goal of Blu-Ray technology is to enhance both the picture and sound quality of both regular TV, HD and movies. They say, that once you see the difference, you will never go back to your regular systems again.

The new Sony system is an integrated BD/DVD/CD player, offering multiple functionality that will enhance your home theater system. In addition to many of the standard features that you may expect with this type of product, this Sony system offers wireless technology, extremely popular for home theater systems as the wires can be effectively hidden.

The sound quality that comes from this system is unsurpassed. In fact, once you watch a movie on this system, you will never want to go to the movie theater again. The sound is carried through the sub-woofer and five smaller speakers. Dolby, the king of sound, powers this entire system.

So, once you install this system, not only will your audio and visual be taken to a new level, but your house will be clutter free as the wireless system takes away all need for those unsightly cables and wires in order to operate properly.


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Sony BDVIS1000 5.1Ch Blu-ray Disc – DVD Home Theat…

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