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Sony HT-SS2300 Component (Blu-ray) Home Theater System

Sony HT-SS2300 Component (Blu-ray) Home Theater System

Design: Featuring Sony’s standard piano black color scheme, with silver trimmings for the speakers and sub-woofer along with a swath of blue for the AV receiver, the Sony HT-SS2300 Component Home Theater System looks both simple and elegant. While this 5.1 channel system does work with other brands, it was originally made to complement Sony products and as such was made to match the Sony BRAVIA HDTV series and the Sony Blu-ray disc player. Consisting of the AV receiver, one large sub-woofer and four smaller satellite speakers the system is very easy to setup and use thanks to the informative text-based user interface. Since the whole ensemble doesn’t take up too much space, it is ideal for small sound-proofed apartments but is just as capable in a much larger setting.

Specifications: Featuring enclosure-bass reflex speakers and a magnetically shielded sub-woofer the Sony HT-SS2300 is just awesome. The AV receiver offers a 96k/24bit PCM, 13 audio modes and a digital amplifier using the S-Master Digital Amplifier. It supports Digital Cinema Sound Technology, Dolby Digital Decoding, Dolby Pro Logic Decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II Decoding, LPCM: 2CH/5.1CH through HDMI and DTS sound formats. Connection-wise the sound system offers four HDMI ports supporting up to 1080/24p resolutions, three analog audio inputs, one coaxial audio digital input, one digital media port, two optical audio inputs and an antenna terminal.

Features & Performance: While the complete newbie can use the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration feature to set everything up, there are still options to tweak if you have more experience tuning such sound systems. Audio quality is top-notch with the high hard to hear notes being very audible and crystal clear while the bass is thunderous enough to rattle the windows and shake the floor. The Sony HT-SS2300 does indeed work better with other Sony products but the drop in quality when using non-Sony products is minimal and shouldn’t matter that much. All in all, the Sony HT-SS2300 is a great, compact and simple to use 5.1 channel sound system with DTS through HDMI capabilities.

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Sony HT-SS2300 Component (Blu-ray) Home Theater System
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