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What Is an Employment Screening Background Check? Stop 2022

What Is an Employment Screening Background Check? Stop 2022

A background check or employment background screening involves looking up and compiling criminal records, work history, education and financial records of an individual. If you are hiring people you might need more information on a candidate to make an informed decision. In some cases, background screening is mandatory for the industry such as for taxi drivers, FSA registered candidates and healthcare professionals. Employees have rights to privacy in some areas and this varies depending upon the country. If you violate this right you could be prosecuted. It’s therefore important to know what is allowed when carrying out a background check on a potential employee’s background.

Advantages of Hiring a Background Screening Company:

• Comprehensive employee background checks assess what risk the job entails. For example who handle money may need both credit and criminal records checked. • To reduce the risk of fake or forged document verifications can be performed for employment background checks and employee’s education degrees, certifications, etc.

• Easily hire qualified, global candidates. For example, a prospective employee may have previously lived in China, France and the United Arab Emirates. An expert global screening company has the ability to process checks in all major languages and has carried out research to keep screening legally compliant from country to country.

• Reduce the risk of employee theft and fraud. According to the Centre for Retail Research in 2011 30% of Europe’s retail inventory loss was due to employees. Background checks uncover the criminal records history and adverse credit which help to reduce bad hires involved in company theft and fraud.

Types of background screening services

There are a variety of types of background searches that potential employers may use. Background check services also vary in the amount of information they include in reports. The following list includes the types of information that employers usually consult as part of a pre employment check…

  • identity verification
  • criminal records checks
  • credit and bankruptcy checks
  • employment verification
  • education verification
  • driving records
  • industry registry list checks
  • media checks
  • social media screening
  • financial industry screening

Generally an employment background check will include the applicant’s detailed verified employment history, education history, criminal records, any adverse credit and supplementary database checks. This is critical to human resources in hiring a prospective applicant for every company. Nowadays employment background screening is an essential part of the recruitment verification process. Are you ready to carry out background screening in 2012 for your organisation?
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What Is an Employment Screening Background Check?

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